3 Questions Every Cell phone boxes Supplier Should Answer

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The packaging business can never end as there is a vast range of wholesale stores, supermarkets, and small shops. Whether you have an in-house business or an online store, you need durable and attractive cell phone boxes for product storage and delivery. A supplier should know what he offers, including packaging supply, and manufacturing. Customers ask lots of questions when they approach a packaging supplier for custom boxes. These questions are regarding material, durability, printing method, ink types, design, shape, font style, and some others. Here you will find an insight into the top three questions that a supplier should be able to answer.

Ecommerce is a never-ending industry, but you have to follow certain strategies to be successful in it. One such strategy is presenting your products through attractive cell phone boxes to bring customers more customers. Besides, you have cell phone boxes products before delivery, so transportation is also a part of a retail business and durable packaging can secure your products.

We have thousands of custom cell phone boxes suppliers and customers ask a few questions to select the best supplier. So, if you are a packaging company having designers for custom boxes, you must be ready to answer questions that people can ask you. These questions help suppliers get business if they answer correctly, besides they can make strategies based on such queries.

There might be several questions in this case, but we will discuss three significant questions.

1: Do You Only Distribute or Also Manufacture Cell phone boxes?

Not all packaging companies manufacture their products as some are just distributors. So, your customer might ask that if you make boxes or get them from somewhere to resell them, store them, and distribute them when an order comes. Most customers want all the services under one roof, especially, for custom cell phone boxes. So, as a manufacturer, you should be prepared to answer further questions regarding material, quality, quantity, printing, color, design, delivery, etc.

People don’t want to waste time, as they need a packaging supplier who also develops boxes. They can have these boxes the way they want according to their products and tastes. A packaging box is not just a box because it helps businesses promote their products through a brand name, color scheme, address, and other data. Especially, if your customer is a gift store owner, he or she might be interested in more stylish boxes to display different items other than just packaging or storage.

Most customers opt for a box supplier cum manufacturer because they can ask for changes if there is any problem with the packaging. You should put yourself in your customers’ shoes to understand what they want and try to resolve their problems. Besides, such a service reduces the overall cost for customers which is often high in the case of resellers.

2: What Kind Of Ink Do You Use For Printing?

Box printing has different types in terms of techniques, inks, font styles, etc. The cardboard custom boxes supplier often faces queries regarding inks. Like, people want to know if you use UV-curable ink or water-based ink. The UV inks can penetrate the box, staining the internal item that can ruin a brand.

On the other hand, the water-based ink is not only free from toxins, it is safe to use and has no smell. A few people are aware of printing techniques, but some may ask you about the technique you use. So, as a manufacture, you should have enough homework regarding printing.

Customers would also want you to write in a specific font, and your machine should have a variety of fonts. More fonts mean users have more variety to choose from in retail packaging. However, a simple font is what a manufacturer prefers as it is readable and takes less time to print. If your cell phone boxes have poor writing and complex font, it would affect the brand.

Color is another aspect of package printing, so you as a supplier and manufacturer must have different color options. Your designer can help customers choose a nice color scheme suiting your products, especially, if you sell gift items.

3: Are There Designers And Engineers In Your Packaging Company?

Packaging design is not as simple as it seems, and your customers might want creative custom designs. A designer can help your client choose the right shape, size, color, font style, and placement of different information regarding his brand. Most clients have their own ideas to put on the box, but you can correct them if they are not suitable. You must have experienced designers if you are a packaging supplier because it can get you more business.

Similarly, having structure engineers would be a plus point for your packaging business. They understand well how to build a box compatible with a specific product. An engineer can evaluate the cardboard thickness and the weight that it can tolerate. Besides, proper inserts and windows are possible only through proper structure design. So, graphic designers and structural engineers are essential for maintaining a packaging company.

In other words, a supplier becomes a partner with his customer in creating the cell phone boxes right for a brand. But, these questions don’t end here as there are several other important technologies considerations that you have to focus on. Like, your customer may want hundreds to thousands of orders every month and you must know if you can fulfill that order or not.

So, your customer might ask you if you can handle that much quantity or if there is some limitation. Besides, the timeline is important and the customer will ask you if you can deliver on time or not. As a supplier, you should only take orders that you can deliver on time according to your capacity, or you will ruin your business.