Choose the Best Keratin Hair Treatment in Dubai

Hair or our crowning glory has always been a matter of pride and admiration all across the world. Having and managing satin-like hair is very challenging given a lot of factors like poor diet, pollution, lifestyle issues, overuse of cosmetic products and more. A very few of us have been bestowed with the blessings of having good hair. Rest of us experience bad hair day almost every day. If you have frizzy and excessively curly hair, the problem becomes multifold. Beauty experts suggest going for the best keratin hair treatment in Dubai to get smoother, silkier, and better quality hair. Don’t use home remedies that have not borne fruits yet and rely on tried and tested treatments. One of them is Keratin Hair treatment. Have a look at what is keratin treatment and how it helps.

What is Keratin?
Keratin is a hair protein found in abundance in our hair. Our hair strands contain keratin which acts an internal structural protein and external proactive protein. It works by keeping our hair healthy and protected against harsh elements. Many times, when our hair is exposed to external factors like pollution, harsh sunlight, or damaging chemicals, it depletes keratin found in our hair, leaving them lifeless. Our hair starts looking dull, damaged, and dry.

How does Keratin Treatment work?

When a person undergoes keratin treatment, this protein is artificially added to make our tresses look smoother, softer, shinier, and frizz-free. Its results are simply amazing which has made it quite popular among men and women. This treatment works by filling the porous spots in hair due to loss of keratin. It is this over-porous hair that causes frizziness in hair resulting in breakage and tangles. Keratin treatment helps in hair rebuilding by putting keratin back into the hair strands.

Keratin is a type of protein that is naturally found in hair and nails, and is also an element of our skin. It is the main component of hair’s structure, giving them their strength and flexibility. The strength of keratin can be attributed to its unique amino acid composition. When it comes to keratin treatment, the process of applying keratin on your hair is not as simple as it sounds. The keratin needs to be blended with other ingredients to achieve the desired result,

Results of Keratin Treatment

The results of keratin treatment are fast and last long. The treatment transforms dull and damaged hair into silky and smoother hair. It is important to note that once the effect of the treatment starts fading away, the hair resorts to its old texture. Although Keratin treatment is not like rebonding or hair strengthening process, nor does the hair look completely flattened out. It will not make ends sleek or roots grow curly but act as a strong deep conditioner that improves the health of the hair or restore them to its original glory. Moreover, the treatment result varies from one person to another. Since it rebuilds the part of the hair that got damaged, it offers less frizzy, shiny, and easy to manage hair after treatment. When going for the best keratin hair treatment in Dubai, choose a salon that has hair experts who can give you the best treatment and astounding results. Talk to them about pre treatment and what to expect after treatment is over. Having knowledge about this treatment will help you look forward to the results. You also need to know more about how to take care of your tresses after keratin treatment. This will ensure a long-lasting

Everyone wants to have shiny and healthy hair. With the help of Keratin treatment, you can now achieve this goal. Keratin is a revolutionary product that is used to treat damaged hair by straightening it, making your hair look healthier and shinier.