How to match Garden Lights and Wall?

Garden Lights

Who does not wish to have a garden with their house? A beautiful green serene place is something that everyone desires in the evening while sitting with their family or a good company. But lights are a necessity in the garden as the poorly lit garden does not catch much attention during nighttime. And the appropriate lighting matching your entire house is not more than pure satisfaction.

Most people are confused about how to match the garden lighting and green walls. Therefore, to give you the solution to your worry, we will hereby, discuss some of the basic lights or lighting arrangements that shall be suitable and would match your home decor.

Types of Garden Lights

Bollard Lights

The Bollard lights are the vertical lights that cast lighting at 360 degrees or less depending on the formation. They are fixed at a particular area and then these straight lights illuminate the surrounding area. The installation of these lights is easy and suitable for large garden areas and driveways. And therefore the smaller garden area can use them as an alternative setup.


If you are someone who is a great fan of drama then spotlights are an option for you. This narrow beam of light is known to create drama. You can choose the spotlight according to the intensity of the beam you wish to have. These lights require a continuous electricity supply which may thereby result in a long hefty bill. As an alternative for smaller places, solar spotlights can be used near the waterfall or fountain area of your garden.

Spike Lights

If you wish to decorate your garden with lights then spike lights are effective for you to solve the purpose. They are easy to install, remove, and replace. These lights won’t require much electricity as they work on Solar energy and have LED lights capable of changing color according to the warmth you desire to see.

String Lights

String lights are useful for both indoor as well as outdoor areas. They aren’t difficult to set up and have a very beautiful look. These lightings create a peaceful atmosphere and give their best outcome when lit near the sitting area.

Again in string lights as well you can buy them depending on the intensity and also see the color variation. It is your wish whether to go for bright or subtle lighting as they have a variety of options.

Wall Light

These lights are attached to the wall and are effective for bigger gardens where the boundaries need to be highlighted. If you want to add lighting to your garden at the last minute then these lights are the best to use. Efforts are only required to hide the wiring to these lights.

In-Ground Lights

You can use the in-ground lighting efficiently in the pathway towards the garden and they also offer a good replacement to the bollard lights. They are usually used at smaller places and are embedded in the ground. The best alternative is to illuminate the boundary of your garden.

LED Lights

These LED strip lights are adequate for the stair area, desks, and floor boundaries in your garden. They are also known as Hazard LED lights as they behave like hazards and illuminate the path beneath the stairs. The gardens with an excellent landscape, having slopes and big steps to walk are ideal for such light placements.

Good lighting can make a great deal in your entire day, as it can make you feel relaxed after a stressful day, add mood to the boring situation you are in, can catch the attention of people, and turn out to be the most effective remedy and meditation.

Therefore, analyze your purpose first and then choose the ideal lighting for your home, garden, and mood. And get ready to experience an instant shift of beauty in your outdoor space.