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What should you wear with a white shalwar kameez?


The finest idea for women is to wear shalwar kameez. The color white embodies grace and elegance. White is the epitome of grace and elegance. The color white serves as a fully blank canvas for displaying any vibrant garments, beads, or intricate work. Given these facts, it’s no surprise that these beautiful and heavenly colors have been popular for so long, especially given the dual role of both generations. Its heavenly and divine atmosphere elevated the color to the status of a symbol of purity. Click here for Aarya Pk Dresses.

With characteristics like these, it’s no surprise that this all-time favorite hue has left its mark on the world. However, when it comes to traditional Shalwar Kameez apparel, this color holds a unique place in the hearts of eastern men and women. For women, this dress gently includes the necessary modesty, while tradition bestows on them a relaxed and current appearance thanks to its ability to capture a variety of fashionable concepts. MRJ Collection has a large selection of shalwar in various designs such as tulip pants, embroidered trousers, white flowery shalwar, and so on. These shalwars are available in a variety of fabrics depending on the season, such as cotton and loan for summer and velvet and khaddar for winter.

Shalwar kameez has evolved and expanded in style for both men and women over the years, but it has retained its originality and is respected in the country’s provinces, as well as abroad. It is our national attire, thus anyone will feel at ease wearing their traditional attire. This traditional approach frequently results in the selection of Peshawari Chappals and Khussa, whereas the rich side of men’s dress includes a sherwani, long waistcoat, Kandahar, or Jinnah cap.

Wear with a white shalwar kameez:

The first question that everyone has is, “What should I wear?” and “What is the latest white shalwar kameez style to look unique?” It’s no longer a difficult task; there are several accessories available on the market that can be matched with your white clothing. The adaptability of the white costume is one of its best features. You may wear white clothing in any season by just changing the fabric, such as velvet in the winter and cotton in the summer. Wearing a kameez shalwar is permissible at any age.

From toddlers to adults, this may be worn by everyone and still look like it was designed just for that age group. I’ve compiled the best ideas on how to wear shalwar kameez and accessories that go with this lovely ensemble. It is available in both dotted and button designs.

Wearing White Shalwar Kameez: Dos and Don’ts

Length of Kameez:

The length of the kameez should neither be excessively long nor excessively short. Wear a knee-length kameez with a basic shalwar. You can wear a short shirt if you are wearing a Patiala shalwar.

Dupatta: Nowadays, a dupatta is optional when wearing a shalwar and kameez. Depending on your personal style. Wearing multi-colored dupattas with white shalwar kameez is one of the most recent trends among ladies, and it also looks wonderful.

Fitting correctly:

A shalwar kameez for females that is too big for your body shape can make you look like a fashion disaster.

Traditional Shalwar footwear: Kolhapuri Chappal looks excellent with Shalwar Kameez. You can obtain heels if you’re wearing a long Kameez, especially if you’re wearing a formal dress. However, as you may know, the most common shoe to wear with a shalwar kameez is a khussa or mojari.

What colors go well with a white kameez shalwar? As you may be aware, certain hues, such as yellow, look best when matched with a white kameez. You can incorporate them into your clothing as a dupatta or as accessories such as shoes or handbags.


Because the shalwar kameez is a simple garment, you may easily accessorize it. For example, if you’re going to Eid or another major function, you can dress it up with large jhumkas.

Detailing in gold:

The gleaming gold color compliments any color. It’s no surprise that the golden hue looks warm when coupled with a white kameez shalwar. You will look like royalty if you are decked up in gold jewelry.

Surprisingly, almost all colors seem nice in the white aura arena. However, no hue appears to mirror the elegance and grace of white more than gold. It smartly elevates the ensemble from its simplicity; yet, it is the light golden color when paired with white that will make it a lovely dress for praise.

Printed shalwar:

The thick shalwar with short kameez perfectly compliments the gleaming attention. The silver dots on the dupatta and shalwar, combined with a basic embroidered short shirt, make this outfit stand out. The long-length kameez gives you a traditional style while also providing the clothing with a modern touch.

Shalwar Kameez with Embroidery:

Golden isn’t the only color that goes well with white. When coupled with white, almost all colors seem beautiful and make you feel grateful and angelic. Instead of matching a single hue, pair a multi-colored dupatta with a white dress. A white shirt with multi-colored embroidery will give you a traditional style.

Off-white slacks:

Off-white shalwar, when paired with cotton fabric, offers you a genuinely appealing appearance. When coupled with a short-length shirt, this exquisite shalwar with mirror and thread work seems very costly, and the expensive look will make you the center of attention at any party. The charming and stylish style is finished with a bright red or orange dupatta. It is offered in our online stores for somewhat less than 4000 pkr/-.

Tulip shalwar suit:

With linked lace, white lacy tulip pants made of cotton lawn fabric appear gorgeous. Every woman is drawn to it because of its distinct style. This tulip pant’s exquisite embroidery adds to its beauty; match it with a short or long-sleeved shirt. Wear a multi-colored dupatta with this dress for a more complete look. It is offered in our online stores for somewhat less than 3000 pkr/-.

Finally, consider the following:

The white shalwar kameez is the trend that everyone is talking about. Everyone wants to look their best at every event or gathering by wearing a magnificent shalwar kameez. So MRJ Collection provides a large selection of shalwars that may be paired with a variety of Kurtis. These shalwar kameez are reasonably priced.