Things You Need to Know About Spanish Beer

Spanish Beer

Spanish beer is the most consumed brew in Spain. A bar or a terrace offering a ‘caña’ (small glass of beer) with tapa is a popular sight in Spain.

If you also enjoy brews by craft breweries in Spain, here are some important things you need to know. 

Spanish Beer Sizes

Beer comes in various sizes in Spain, depending primarily on the glass. Here are the sizes of Spanish beer glasses. 

  • Caña: It is less than half a pint and, thus, the smallest size to order. Usually, it costs somewhat around 1€. But it usually varies as per the reputation and quality of the bar.
  • Botella de cerveza / tercio – It is around 12 oz, standard size beer bottle.
  • Doble – It is almost double the size of a caña.
  • Pinta – It is a Spanish term for a pint and is often a standard size of draft beer that’s served in popular British-style glass.  
  • Jarra – It is a jar or mug of beer, which is ideal for parties. This is the largest size for many bars and restaurants. This is usually the cheapest and most practical size to order. 

Spanish Beer Brands

Here are the best Spanish beer brands to consider:

  1. Mahou

As per the popular Spanish beer facts, it is the leading Spanish brand for marketing today. Mahou was founded in 1890. This company has formed a strong connection in the football culture as the official beer of Real Madrid. Some of their successful products are:  

l Mahou Clásica 

l Mahou Cinco Estrellas 

l Mahou Maestra

  1. Alhambra Reserva 1925

This particular beer differentiates itself from other beers not only because of its looks but also is available in the form of Andalucía’s first brewery called Cervezas Alhambra brewery. You may even taste some caramel and orange flavours in this amazing full-bodied beer

  1. Estrella Galicia 1906

Estrella Galicia has brewed this beer in 1906, and it contains 6.5% alcohol. It is one of the high-quality beers that come on the bitter side. It’s available in the La Coruña city in the Galicia region. It has a bright gold colour due to the presence of refreshing hops flavour. 

  1. Damm Inedit

This beer is available in the market since 2008 due to the efforts of its founders Estrella Damm and Ferran Adriá. They determined the beer crafting to complement various flavours of Spanish cuisine. Due to this reason, the potent Inedit with creamy taste goes well with fish and something light like starters, tapas and salads. 

Made of a combination of wheat, barley, malt, hops, liquorice, coriander and fruity flavours like orange skins, it is an intense, complex luxury beer that you cannot miss out on during your fun time in Spain.  

  1. Ambar Especial

This low-fermentation beer is brewed in Zaragoza and is also used for balancing flavours. It gives a pleasant aftertaste that makes it an addicting and super-smooth brew. This shiny, amber color beer even won the tasting analysis as per the study made in 2016 by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). 


Spain offers you the best brews that you need to try on your next visit to the country. Visit different breweries in Spain to try some of the fantastic beers as per Castle Malting TV.