Tips for Moving your Pet Internationally via Packers and Movers

Tips for Moving your Pet Internationally via Packers and Movers

Moving to a foreign location is a herculean task. You might come across so many difficulties while moving them to a foreign land. 

Pets are just like the family to you. Some people are emotionally attached to their pets. They don’t want to leave their pets while moving to a different destination.

However, moving internationally with your pets is not easy. Pet relocation calls for proper management of each stage of a relocation process. If you fail in managing any one of them, there are dim chances of experiencing a successful pet relocation.

But, there are many ways through which you can relocate your pets safely and without any stress. The primary concern among the people during the pet relocation is related to their pet’s safety. However, there are many tips that will help your pet move to your destination without any stress.

Here are the most amazing tips that will help you move your pet internationally without any unwanted stress: –

Know about the Pet Laws

It is important to know about the pet laws of the country you are shifting to. There are many rules you have to follow while moving your pet to a different country. Your packers and movers are aware of these rules. But, you must also know about them during the pet relocation. This’ll help you manage your entire pet relocation.

Every country has different rules for pets. So, it is advisable to know about these rules beforehand. Some countries do not allow entry of the specific breeds of the pets into their country. Others want your pets to be fully vaccinated. So, they must have the rabies vaccination before moving to a foreign location. Apart from that, some countries also want your pets to be microchipped. So, make sure that your pet has the right microchip before you move it to the other country.

Hiring Pet Relocation Service Providers

You don’t need to worry while relocating your pet to a foreign location. There are many reputed packers and movers that can help you with it. These movers hold years of experience in relocating your pet safely to another country. They are aware of the entire pet relocation process. So, they move your pets to any foreign location without any difficulty.

These pet relocation companies are aware of the international rules for pet relocation. This enables them in moving your pet securely to your new destination.

 It is easy to find renowned packers and movers. You can go through the online reviews to judge a pet relocation company. This’ll provide you with much knowledge about the company and its way of functioning in the market.

Book your Flights Early

You must book your flight tickets as early as possible. This will be much beneficial to accomplishing your pet relocation task. Remember, you have to manage innumerable things before the pet relocation. So, make sure to book your flights beforehand.

If you book the flights early, you will be able to book your desired flight. Also, make sure to discuss your pet relocation with a representative. You should also ask other important questions related to pet relocation. This will prepare you for any challenges you might face during the pet relocation process.

Manage All Your Documents

Make sure to complete all the paperwork required for your pet relocation. This’ll help you relieve the stress resulting from your pet relocation. These documents include the ones related to the rabies vaccine and other vaccinations.

You also need an approval document from your vet for the pet relocation. Apart from that, you also need to carry the documents required by the country you are moving your pet to. But, make sure to complete all the documents before your relocation process. Incomplete documents or paperwork will be of no use to you. You won’t be able to move your pet without completing the required paperwork.

Make sure to keep several copies of your documents so that you can provide them whenever they are required.

Choose IATA Compliant Crate

You must get the right crate for your pets before moving them to an international relocation. This will provide the desired comfort and safety to your pet during the relocation. However, make sure to choose the IATA-compliant crates for keeping their pets.

If you fail to follow the international guidelines, you’ll have to face so many challenges. So, you should always buy the IATA-compliant crate for your pets.

Talk to your Vet

It is extremely important to consult your vet before moving your pet to a different country. Make sure to discuss your pet move with your vet. He’ll check the health of your pet and treat him if he is in ill health. He will also inform you about the missing vaccinations and immunize your pet if it is required.

If your pet is in good health, the vet will approve your pet for an international relocation. You’ll have to keep the approval document with you while relocating your pet to the international relocation.

It is also important to get all the necessary medical records of your pet from the vet. You’ll need it during your relocation.

Find new vet

You should also look for another vet after reaching your destination. Your pet might fall ill after reaching a different country. So, you would require another vet to check your pet’s health. You can also talk to your old vet and get any references from him. If he doesn’t know any vet there, then you’ll have to find the vet yourself.

You can search for a new vet online. If you search carefully, you’ll find new vets near your new home. However, make sure to perform thorough research. This will let you find professional veterinarians for your pet.

Prepare a Special Bag for your Pet

Most pet owners do not prepare separate bags for their pets. However, it is much important to prepare this bag before your move. Remember, there are many things you would have to pack for your pet during the pet relocation. Some of these items include grooming tools, food, snacks, etc.


Relocating a pet with packers and movers is easy if you follow the above-mentioned tips. You can find other tips as well to shift to a foreign location without any stress.

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